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1ravi kathait460
2Surbhi Sharma110
3Dipti Jansari40
4bhukya kiran40
5mithlesh kumar30
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1Siddharth Shah160
2ankur dhall80
3Vishal Kumar40
4shubham gupta30
5Tanvi Rastogi30
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1Shiam Sundar S 50
2Omprakash Jat 20
3Ankita Mishra 20
4Manish 20

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Stay Informed

  • 8 out of 10 children who are fighting cancer lose this battle because of malnutrition
  • India has unacceptably high levels of child malnutrition, with 38.4 percent of children experiencing stunted growth
  • Infant deaths in India remain the highest in the world. IN 2017, 802,000 infant deaths happened in India due to lack of access to water, sanitation, proper nutrition, and basic healthcare services
  • India houses one-third of the world’s stunted children
  • Half of all wasted children across the globe are in India
  • Measles is the largest cause of death among children, which can be prevented via vaccination

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